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Which is better for blogging-WordPress or Blog spot ?

Which is better for blogging-WordPress or Blog spot ?

If you want to start your blog and still wondering from where to start or which cms(content management system) to choose. Then, this blog is for you. Now, Blogging might be the good idea if you have any hobby and known how to write a post or article. It will also helps you in earning as a part time. But before going into this, make sure that you have a right topic for your blog. Now, when it comes to blogging, there are only two platforms which are on the top right now.One is WordPress and another one is Blogger. These are the only two cms which are in competition. So, lets see the advantage and disadvantages of using these two cms.


When it come to blogging, my personal advise and preference is Blogger. There are many point on the basis of which, I am telling this. When you are a new blogger, you don’t know much about blogging. So, it is risky to spend your money for buying the services. like – hosting, Theme, Security etc. In Blogger, there is no need to spend any money on these service. As Blogger provide you these services for free. But when it comes to WordPress, you have to pay for all these services from your pocket.

And you are not even sure that whether your blog will run or not. You know that Blogger is property of Google and hence google is responsible for its Security and Traffic issues. And you don’t even have to pay extra charge for this. Whereas WordPress is open source and no one is responsible for the Security and Traffic issues.

And you have you pay extra money for this maintenance. Now, because Blogger is the property of google. There is no need to put much SEO Techniques as compared to WordPress. Because google will automatically manage that for you and give your site much preference. But when it come to WordPress, you have to put extra SEO Techniques on it to put your site on higher rank. Now, you can decide yourself which is good for you.

Now, I am not saying that Blogger is best and WordPress is worst. WordPress is best when comes to website designing, e-commerce site and many more. Over 60% website on internet are built with WordPress.  Blogger doesn’t have that much features as compared to WordPress. But when you are a newbie in blogging. Then you should choose Blogger.And when your blog start growing and gaining more Traffic than you can move you WordPress. As it will allow you to access more features of your website. Like – Back-End of your site. Now, You have not an idea which one to choose.

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